Commercial Cold Room Upgrade

Commercial Cold Room Upgrade

Here we have completed a commercial coldroom upgrade. the old equipment had come to the end of it operational life, not just were when we did the proposal but 15 years before. The evaporators in this cold room were original and i believe to be in the 50 to 60 years old, while the refrigeration condensing unit was much younger it to had operational issues that needed to be addressed.

the scope of works or us was not supplied by the client but was more natural in that what needed to be done. When you have to make up a scope of works on any commercial refrigeration project and are in a competitive bidding environment. it is always difficult to know what the client will ultimately want. In this instance we went with a full renovation of the mechanical system.

We replaced the 2 x evaporators, this required the fitting of the new evaporators to the roof of the Concrete Cold room. This was the biggest challenge in the project. with no access to the roof of the room and the old anchor points for the existing coldroom evaporators were unable to be used. in this instance we could get access to the out side walls for stability. With a little help from our supply house, we built cantilever brackets for the commercial refrigeration evaporators. these allowed us the safely secure these units to the roof of the coldroom. we also fitted ball valves to each evaporator for isolation during maintenance and repairs.

Our next priority was to fit a new commercial refrigeration condensing unit in the plant room, we removed the old refrigeration unit, supply and fit a new condensing unit. The refrigeration unit that we chose uses a scroll compressor, these are an amazing piece of engineering, they are a long life high efficiency, low noise compared to piston compressor, low energy use, long operational life. In all this will reduce the clients repairs and maintained costs.

Our final priority was to upgrade the temperature control system from analogue to digital and for the room to meet the BCA( Building Code of Australia) G1.2 Refrigerated chambers, strong-rooms and vaults. We fitted a market leading Carel digital temperature and defrost control. this allowed for the temperature in the cold room to be maintained with a great deal of accuracy and consistency along with a Pego panic alarm system. With this coldroom located in the cellar, it is imperative that you have a system in place for any accident that may happen. The pego panic alarm system  once operated will do the following, start a flashing light, start a siren that can be heard at 90 dB at 3 metres and turn off the commercial refrigeration system.


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